SELAMAT DATANG DAN MENJAMU SELERA MASAKAN KAMPUNG( SIANG) MASAKAN MAKANAN LAUT (MALAM) buatlah kerja macam seratus tahun lagi nak hidup(juga niat ibadah), ibadah khusus macam sekejap lagi akan mati. (asas dlm solat jangan tinggal berdosa!!!!!)
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

roti canai RM1 di RESTORAN BASHA

Roti Canai is one of the nation’s favourite Indian food and it is a circular flatbread in which the dough is grilled with oil. Roti canai basically means ‘roll out bread’ as the dough was twirled into thin sheet before it was grilled with oil. It was normally served with dhal curry. However, 1 piece of roti canai is about 300 calories per serving and it go up to 360 calories when eaten with dhal. Hence, for a healthier option, opt for a chapati which is made out of whole wheat meal.

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